Tracey Sandilands


“I enjoyed a positive working relationship with Tracey over a number of years.  She was instrumental in leading our collective bid to host World Pride in 2014.  This was a vivid example of her tenacity and in my personal opinion – a love and respect for Toronto as her transplanted home. Tracey also demonstrated an unflappable balance in working in a complex system of volunteers, sponsors and constituents – a skill that will serve her well in her future endeavors.   Tracey will always enjoy my respect, admiration and appreciation for contributing to our community and our industry.”


David Whitaker

President & CEO, Tourism Toronto

"Working with Tracey was an absolute delight. There were many projects and initiatives that we engaged in together over the past couple of years. Tracey consistently demonstrated a desire to achieve excellence in every program initiative. Her energy and drive in combination with her outstanding communication skills made working together a true pleasure. I look forward to the next opportunity for us to work together again. All my best Tracey!"

Christopher Barry

Manager - Special Projects and Business Development, Tourism Toronto

"A Magellan not only discovers destinations unknown but navigates her crew back hom safe and sound. It was a privilege to be a part of Tracey's team while sailing tricky waters. With her foresight, clear-vision, and autonomy-driven macro-management style, our team culture was empowered to succeed in high-paced environments, in order to reach objectives and arrive at team targets. The organization and its culture benefited through Tracey's leadership, and it would be a pleasure to work with her again."

Michael Ain

Former Marketing and Communications Manager, Pride Toronto

"Tracey brings with her a strong and diverse portfolio of experience and expertise covering Communication, media relations and Not-for-profit executive leadership. Tracey embraces all circumstances and challenges in a polished, well maintained professional manner. A refreshing aspect of Tracey's skill set is her ability to lead and motivate her team. She effectively balances the needs of the organization with employee advocacy. She is a solid team player and a valuable addition to any organization."

Luka Amona
Chair - HR and Compensation Committee, Board of Directors, Pride Toronto

"Tracey was a strategic leader with a strong vision of how the organization should grow and evolve. She built relationships with key stakeholders including all levels of government representatives, local businesses and sponsor. Operationally, she retained approximately 7 staff and over 50 senior year round volunteers, as well as approximately 1000 volunteers, who are central to execution of the festival."

Margaret Ngai

Co-Chair, Pride Toronto (2009-2011)  Download the full letter

"Tracey demonstrated exceptional leadership at Pride Toronto. Her passion inspired the volunteers to work hard and maintain a high standard of work. Her successful delegation of work and authority to both staff members and senior-level volunteers were directly responsible for two fantastic Pride festivals. She was always open to hearing about a different way of doing things, and new ideas. Her ability to take everything in stride and with a smile made Pride Toronto a fun and inspiring work environment."

Emily Gibson

Former Volunteer Program Manager, Pride Toronto


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